When we bought the Kalmuste farm in Ohessaare in 2008, no one in our family could have imagined that we would soon start a business. But life wanted differently – or rather, the people who visit the Ohessaare cliff.

In the summer of 2009 and 2010, visitors to Ohessaare cliff often stopped by our farm and asked if they could buy coffee from us or if we could offer accommodation. The nature here and the proximity to the sea enchanted them, and they would have liked to stay longer. It was even a shame that I couldn’t help them in any way.

In October 2010, we had the Ohessaare windmill rebuilt on its old site. We found that the feeling of spending the night in a windmill is so special, and in 2011 we opened the windmill as an experience accommodation for all those who want it.

In the same summer, we also opened our first cafe. This tiny house was only 13 square meters in size and was called Teeliste House. But the summer of 2011 was hot and full of thunderstorms, and unfortunately, a lightning strike also started a fire in the cafeteria, rendering the building unusable. But during this month we realized that Ohessaare needs a lovely, cozy and original place to stop and take time off.

So, in the summer of 2012, we already started in a bigger building and the name was Ohessaare summer cafe.

In 2023, the Ohessaare windmill and summer cafe will celebrate its 12 years of operation. A unique accommodation in the windmill and a summer cafe located by the sea is, according to visitors, the most genuine island experience.